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[wallpaper] Merlin

I come bearing Merlin wallpapers! Well. One Merlin wallpaper, in different versions. But still. Merlin fanart! Woohoo!

Happy Birthday tmz_cori!!!

1440x900 | 1280x1024 | 1280x1024 vers2

1440x900 | 1280x1024

1440x900 | 1280x1024

Credit to newkidfan for the brushes, thanks! :)

[fanart] Spacecowboy

[vid] Distance, Long

dogeared and I did something for the "Illustrative Typography" challenge over at artword, awesome times were had by all. :D

Distance, Long is a SGA McKay/Sheppard ficlet/vid set during The Return, part 1.

Please go check it out, if not for my vid, but for dogeared's wonderful story. :)

[icons] Iron Man

Kinda late to the party, huh? But um. Here, have 16 17 Iron Man movie icons...


iron man iron man does whatever an iron canCollapse )

Huge thanks to dtissagirl for the caps and pictures!

Comment & credit (either bingbulette or bingeling) is most appreciated. :)

[fanart] Visual Music

My entry for paintedspires

Title: Visual Music
Prompt: Teyla? Oh yeah, I knew her, the punk kid in the plaid skirts back in sophomore year, sat in the back of every class but music, had to dye her hair back to brown to sing lead in Guys and Dolls...
Medium: digital drawing
Notes A gazillion thanks to toasterdog for not only doing a kick-ass beta job on this, but also lending me her old tablet when mine crapped out halfway through. -_-
And my sincerest apologies to the prompt-giver, I kinda did a very free interpretation of the prompt... +coughs+ But, umm, there's still Teyla, hair, skirt and music. Yay?

full-size behind the cutCollapse )