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[92 icons] SGA, NMTB, B&S

[27] Stargate Atlantis (made for lantis_lims, with variations)
[02] Simon Amstell
[31] Never Mind The Buzzcocks
[24] Never Mind The Buzzcocks quotes
[06] Brothers & Sisters
[02] Brothers & Sisters quotes

you look like you've been drawn by childrenCollapse )

Ressources: brushes by elli, sga caps from lantis_lims, nmtb caps my own, b&s caps my own and from brothersandstisters-tv.com

Comment & credit (either bingbulette or bingeling) is most appreciated. :)

[fanart] Things That Go Boom!

Title: Things That Go Boom!
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: G
A/N: made for anotheratlantis. Ressources: elli and my own. And I even made it in time for the deadline extension, yay!

full size behind the cutCollapse )
Title: Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: G (PG-13 if you find the hidden swear words +g+)
A/N: Made for anotheratlantis. The ever magnificent MK12 gave me the idea what the collage should look like. Title is from Modest Mouse.

full size behind the cutCollapse )

[18 icons] Die Hard

At this year's annual German Slash gathering we went to the cinema to watch Die Hard 4.0.
And you see, the slash goggles of 15 or so girls, they work like a huuuge magnifying glass! We just couldn't fail to notice the sexual tension between John McClane and Matt Farrell. There was much squeeing and giggling +g+ and it lead to the only inevitable thing: A new fandom! And mamoru22, smart girl that she is, created a home for our new obsession: hard4brains \o/

My contribution for this comm is - obviously - icons. 15 + 3 text only icons to be precise.


''You look like you're hurt!'' - ''It's sexy, right?''Collapse )

+++ ressources
+++ comment & credit (either bingbulette or bingeling) is much appreciated
+++ no hotlinking

[icons] SGA, TW, 30 Rock

[32] SGA (including one of that Flanigan dude)
[10] Torchwood
[11] 30 Rock

Most Some of these are a couple of months old, my apologies if they feel dusty. +swirls duster+ And also lots of variations. Msorry?


Keep Off The LawnCollapse )

+++ ressources
+++ comment & credit (either bingbulette or bingeling) is most appreciated
+++ no hotlinking
+++ nope. textless icons are still no bases